About Kijiji Academy

In 2019 Kijiji Afrika will host it's first Academy targeting girls from different backgrounds that demonstrate great potential for feminist leadership.The academy will focus on sessions ranging from;

  • Self Leadership and Personal Development,
  • Mental Wellness, 
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health,
  • Building Safe Spaces,
  • Overcoming family and childhood struggles,
  • Speaking out against gender stereotypes and inequalities
  • Combating Poverty,
  • Building healthy personal networks,
  • Mapping opportunities,
  • Ending early pregnancies and early marriages..................................

An elaborate and exciting curricula has been developed by the team of mentors.Different participatory & youth friendly tools and methods of learning will be applied. The Academy will also paired with sessions on talent search.A host of local inspiring public speakers and leaders will also be invited to address the academy.