Who are we: Kijiji Afrika is  a feminist youth organization focussed on mental wellness, sexual reproductive health & rights and leadership.

History: Our association was founded in 2015  by a team of five (5) young Kenyan women professionals, concerned  about the growing hopelessness and wastage of youthful population in Kenya and Africa particularly in  areas where the social support system is very weak. Having grown in rural Kenya we are experienced different challenges, that in many ways threatened our ambition of scaling the heights of education, Such challenges raged from family disintegration, recurring family conflicts, violence, financial constraints, social/gender discrimination, persistent care work burden, peer pressures among others. Such challenges are common in most African settings. Adaptive and resilient capacity is necessary to overcome such ills and stay connected to own personal dreams. As we pursue  our independent careers post university, we are  aware that they are many young girls who may not make it to our level unless a proper social support structure is established to compliment the public school based learning. Through Kijiji Afrika we decided to pool together our talent,experience and expertise to nurture others and to ensure that they is a mechanism of re-investing our acquired knowledge, skills and experience  from village level upwards.